Joel McNeely


3 Portraits for Violin and String Orchestra (2005)

Commissioned by the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
Performances in Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo 2005

Houston Chamber Orchestra, Zilkha Hall, May 2007
Michael Lowe, Artistic Director
Margaret Batjer, violin solo
Joel McNeely, conductor

Audio Files:
Movement 1, Excerpt (Streaming Quicktime)
Movement 2, Excerpt 1 (Streaming Quicktime)
Movement 2, Excerpt 2 (Streaming Quicktime)
Movement 3, Excerpt 1 (Streaming Quicktime)
Movement 3, Excerpt 2 (Streaming Quicktime)

Pacific Dances, Piano Quartet (2006)

Comissioned by Pacific Serenades

J Dances, Flute Quartet (1998)

Commissioned by Palisades Chamber Music